Quick Change Tool Post


These pictures show the progression of the building of the QCTP.


 NOTE: For those of you that have seen the older version of this QCTP, I found little flaws that were a bit irritating in normal use and redesigned the main block.  The new block has been quite satisfactory in all uses and I would recommend the locking mechanism to anyone building their own QCTP.  It is sturdy and very convenient.  No changes were made to the individual tool holders.




 Main body block being fly cut to clean it up. The cutter is a bit too fast for my camera.

 The finished block ready for machining.  Except where noted, the material is 6061-T6 aluminum.



 Dovetails being cut for the lock face.

 Boring the hole for the lock plunger.


Block with dovetails and plunger hole with lock plunger blank.  This is a piece of 3/4" drill rod.    Here the block and plunger are finished. Note the pressed in 1/8" thick steel bushing to keep the lock handle from digging into the aluminum.


Block with lock components.  The location for the lock handle is determined after assembly.

  Rear of main block showing locking hole and handle stop hole.  Note the pressed-in, threaded insert for the tool holder locking handle.  The bolt head showing on the right side is for mounting a vapor cooling nozzle.
This insert, cut from CRS and threaded 5/16-18 was pressed into the bottom of the main plunger hole through to the back side providing strong threads for the locking handle.  

Tool holder locking handle and stop pin. The lock is cut from drill rod and threaded 5/16-18.  The pin is a piece of 1/8 inch drill rod threaded 5-40.  


Assembled QCTP with a toolholder in place.  The tool holder stop disk is a .125 slice of 5/8" dia. brass, knurled.  Lock screws and height setting shafts are 10-32 thread.   

This photo shows how the stop pin keeps the lock handle from falling too far down.


 Block locking handle.  This is drill rod with a drilled ball bearing pressed on the end.  Note the flats near the base of the main shaft.  They allow a wrench to be used to unscrew it from the hub.  

 An array of completed toolholders.




QCTP mounted on lathe ready for use. 

Another view on lathe.


 Closeup of turning tool holders.  The stop discs are an 1/8 inch slice of a knurled 5/8 inch brass rod threaded to 10-32.

   Straight tool holder and boring bar holder.  The boring holder has a removeable tubular sleeve that allows it to be used with either 1/2" or 3/8" bars.