My shop is really a partitioned off section of my garage. I built a partial wall down the middle of a large double garage and built the mill bench and set-up area on it. Space is something of a premium item for me because I also build wood things and the wood and metal equipments have to coexist. I have had to become something of a master at compacting equipment areas.

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 As you can see, all my equipment is of the miniature variety. It is all about hobbies, not production although I do a little bit of that. The drill press is from Harbor Freight and is over 30 years old. Considering the original price it has been a real bargain. It has operated flawlessly all those years. The lathe and milling machine are from Homier and most of the other equipment is from Harbor Freight. Homier is usually cheaper, but the service after the sale is not great. The orange buffer is Harbor Freight and it is great. I refer to it as Buffzilla. I get the cotton buffing wheels from Caswell Plating. Catch it on sale for about 59.95 or less instead of the regular 79.95. It appears that this buffer has been discontinued by Harbor Freight. It was replaced by one of lower power. What a shame.

I read on another site about the weaknesses of the Harbor Freight bandsaw, but the only problem I saw was the base. The lightweight metal it is stamped from just came to the floor with no feet or even an edge roll. I cured that with an angle iron liner at the bottom inside and added adjustable feet. It is very stable now. I would recommend that anyone buying this model change the blade for a bi-metal blade. They cut much faster than the factory original. All things considered, it is a lot of saw for $169.99 plus shipping. If you take the low cost shipping they ship by mule train. It took three weeks to receive it. FedEx cost is kind of high on heavy items like this. This saw has been replaced by a similar new one at a higher price.

The tool cabinet can be had at Lowe's near Christmas for a really reasonable price.  The oxy-acetylene outfit is also from Lowe's and can be very handy around a shop.  The dolly is not part of the kit.  I built that.



 The curious black enclosure atop the cabinet is a powder coating enclosure created from an old law enforcement trunk liner. I attached a steel bar hanging an inch down from the top to hang things on and attached the powder coater's ground connector to it. I hang things from copper wire hooks to make electrical contact. The enclosure helps contain the loose powder that gets away when coating. The oven is an old apartment size stove minus all the top burners and controls with a thermometer stuck through the door. I got it from a repair shop for $40. The oven control works quite well although a little off temp, hence the thermometer. I pulled the shelf out and remounted it in the top of the oven to make a hanging rack. It is a great coating oven for a fraction of the cost of a commercial unit.



 The air compressor replaced an old roll around type that provided less than 1/4 of the air of this new one.  The newest addition is the tool grinder.  It is from Harbor Freight, about $190 if not on sale.  I have only begun to use it, but it is a very nice grinder, handling HSS and carbide cutters with equal ease.  I added one little modification.  The water tank was a bit too low, so I replaced the 1" mount rods with 4-1/2" rods.  All things considered, I think I now have a fairly well equipped hobby shop, but probably not done.