This page is for the things I have built from scratch. They may range from silly toys to useful tools.

 This is the EXECUTIVE INFLATOR. It blows up baloons when you turn the crank. The valve in the rear will let them down if you want to blow it up again. It ranks as the first silly toy. I love it. It is a great stress reliever.

NOTE: Due to recent requests, I feel compelled to explain that there are no drawn out plans for the inflator. It evolved over several months from a practice piece that was a crankshaft cut from a single, solid piece of brass. This was an entirely off-the-top-of-the-head operation. Click on the photo to view multiple angles of the inflator.

This was my utility scriber, built from the scrap box, and served me OK for a while, but.....    I decided something better was in order and seeing the price of really good scribers, I decided to build my own. Click the photo to see the construction stages.


 This is to be a tool post grinder, maybe. It has some problems. Heating, vibration, etc.   Here is a close-up shot of the working parts of the scriber shown above.

 This is a half scale version of popular shop presses that usually hit 12 or 20 tons. This little guy has 4 tons of pressing ability standing 35 inches high. Click photo for more details.  

Quick change tool post.  The steps of fabrication and assembly can be seen by clicking on this photo.
The scriber might seem to belong more on the tool page than here, but the intricacy of the design and the digital readout made it seem more like a project than a tool.