Scale mounts


Per request, the mounts I built for the scales are pictured here. You need to understand that if I were building them for mounting for the DRO they would not have been shaped this way. The original idea was to simply mount scales to be read as I used the mini-mill. They were, therefore, angled up a bit for easy reading directly off the built-in displays. The brackets were carved out of aluminum blocks on the mini-mill. Channels were milled to fit the scale bar and small clamping plates bolted over them. The channels are .030 shallower than the bar thickness to allow for tight clamping. The clamping plates are held down with 6-32 socket head cap screws. In all cases, holes were drilled and tapped into the mini-mill and the brackets mounted with 8-32 socket head cap screws recessed a bit. Exact measurements are not given since various users may prefer slightly different mounting and orientation.  For a discussion of cutting down Chinese calipers to get these scales click here.






A small block was bolted to the Y movement base to allow lower, easier mounting of the brass attachment arm for the display scale.



The back of the brass attachment strap is stiffened by being Gorilla glued to a thin steel sheet backing plate. the curve going to the scale is not backed. It is .010 shim stock. The flexibility allows for minor changes in the spacing between the head and scale mount as the head travels up and down.