4 Ton Hydraulic Press, Working, Scale Model



 I had been using a 1/2 ton arbor press, but it sometimes fell short or took a lot more oomph than I cared to put out. Harbor Freight has some nice looking shop presses, but my space is limited and I rarely needed that kind of pressure. I decided to copy their design style and scale it down. Out of fairness, I bought the bottle jack from them ($9.99). It is constructed from 1 1/2 X 1/8 steel angle and 1 1/2 X 1/8 steel bar. All joints were stick welded making it very strong. The larger shop presses are bolted.

 The press is roughly to scale at 50%. My adjustment positions for the table are set at 2 inch intervals. Closer than commercial units. Table height is adjustable by pulling out the 1/2 inch drill rod pins, just visable below the table lip, and moving to different holes.    As you can see, this is a standard 4 ton bottle jack. It is secured to the base with two screws up from the bottom plate into drilled and tapped holes in the jack base. With a ram stroke of 5 inches and the table moving in 2 inch increments, infinite placement is possible to 12 inches.
 The ram is 3/4 inch W-1 drill rod held in the base block by a large set screw. This allows replacement of a damaged ram or easily changing to a different size.    The anvil plate is 5/16 CRS with flanges welded on the sides so it will slide sideways without falling off. The rotating slot plate is from the now extinct arbor press. I powder coated the anvil plate mainly for looks.

  A means of pressing parts together is very handy in a hobby metal shop, or any other for that fact. The capability this added to my shop is pure joy. Knurled caps can easily be pressed onto bolt heads or shafts into rollers, etc. No longer do I have to break a sweat just to make a decorative fastener. This can easily be duplicated without blueprints. Just find something you like and scale it down. By the way, my sides are not open like the commercial units. I welded angle together to form 3 inch channels. Very stout. Having bought the steel from a local wholesale supplier, my total investment, even including the paint, is around $40.