Bronze Stationary mill Engine

 This is the same engine as the multicolor engine that has been here for some time, but is mostly cast bronze with some brass and a cast iron base.  It is heavier and sturdier.  The camera shifted the color a bit. The base is powder coated dark purple.





 I have been wanting to build this one for some time, since my skills improved.  I was afraid of messing up a kit that costs much more than the first one which was mostly aluminum.  This one is heavier and runs much more smoothly.  I overbored the main shaft holes in the base and pressed in oilite bronze bushings.  I replaced the main shaft (CRS) with precision drill rod.  It should run for a long time with just a little oil in all the right places.  My tachometer shows that it reaches 2600 RPM on 25 PSI of air pressure.